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Taking in the nature of Hokkaido along the journey.

The hot spring area blessed with the richness of nature, Takubokutei Hot Spring.
With the picturesque landscape before your eyes, all the daily fatigue and tension will be washed away on your stay with us.

  • Access by Private Bus
  • Access by JR
  • Access by Shinkansen
  • Access by Car
  • Access by Bus
  • Access by Ferry
  • Access by Plane



Access by Private Bus

From July. 1st 2020, shuttle bus between Sapporo and Hakodate started to run.
When all of our shuttle bus seats have been reserved by our guests,
there are times when we cannot take your request for reservation.
We recommend you contact us as early as possible if you need seating.

To March. 30 2025
※From Sapporo until March 28th, from Hakodate until March 30th.
To hotel: every Mon., Wed., Fri.
To Sapporo: every Wed., Fri., Sun.
Bus fee
There’s a shuttle bus fee of 2,500 yen for one-way trip or 4,000 yen for round trip per each customer (tax is already included).
The shuttle bus fee for children is 1,250 yen for one way or 2,000 yen for round trip per child (tax is already included).
Reservation Method
For our customers wishing to use the shuttle bus, please make a reservation directly to us via telephone.
TEL :+81-570-026573 (Reception Hours: 10:00 ~ 17:00)
You may also use the reservation application form to book the shuttle bus.
E-MAIL :Click here(Booking Application Form for Shuttle bus service)
※Due to the fixed seating capacity, we don’t accept reservations for groups of eight or more people.
Reception / Boarding Time
The bus reception for the outbound route begins 30 minutes prior to departure,
while reception for the return route begins 15 minutes prior to departure.
Due to our responsibility to be punctual, it is necessary for customers to be on time.

JR Sapporo Station⇔Takubokutei One way 2,000yen(including tax)

【Meeting Place】
The group bus stop at the North Exit of JR Sapporo Station.
Reception will begin 15 minutes prior to bus departure.
■Please arrive at the group bus stop at the north exit of JR Sapporo Station 15 minutes before the bus departure.
■Staff will be waiting for you at the north exit of JR Sapporo Station.
■Before boarding the bus, please tell the staff your name.
■Seating is reserved. Depending on how crowded the bus is, you may be asked to share a seat. Please be aware of this beforehand.
■Diagonal crossings from bus stops are very dangerous. Please make sure to use the pedestrian crossing.

Pick-up Bus (Leaving from Sapporo Station North Exit)
Departure Time Arrival (to Takubokutei)
10:00 about 15:00
Sending-off Bus (Leaving from Takubokutei)
Departure Time Arrival (to Sapporo Station)
10:00 about 16:00

※Only from Sapporo to hotel, the bus uses the highway.
※There may be times that traffic conditions result in a time lag. Please plan accordingly.

  • Reservation is required for the shuttle bus. When the bus has reached full reservation capacity, no additional reservations will be accepted.
  • Guests are required to pay the shuttle bus charge at the hotel check-in.
  • In cases where you will arrive later than 15 minutes prior to shuttle bus departure, we ask you to immediately contact your reserved hotel or the Sapporo office.
  • Likewise, if you decide to cancel your reservation, please contact the reserved hotel or Sapporo office at least one day beforehand.
  • Please know in advance that the bus will depart on time even if your previous transportation source (bus, train, airplane, etc) is delayed.
    If you decide to go to the hotel by alternative transportation, you will be responsible for all of the incurred costs.
  • Shuttle bus service be suspended on days when no reservations were made a week in advance of the stay date.
  • This bus is shared by all respective customers. In the case of tight seating, it is possible to accommodate via use of auxiliary seats.
  • This is a non-smoking bus.
  • To avoid similar-looking luggage being mistaken by customers as their own, we recommend that you attach a clearly visible name tag.
  • We cannot accept responsibility for baggage being lost or mistaken.
    Please be aware that management of baggage is your individual responsibility.
  • It is strictly prohibited to get on or off at non-designated locations while en route.
  • In cases of hotel reservation cancellation, the transfer bus reservation will also be canceled.
    For cancellations taking place on the reserved day, the whole bus fee will be charged.
  • Noguchi Kanko Group Hotels Shuttle Bus Information

Access by JR

Access by JR Access by JR
  • Jr Hokkaido Timetable Sapporo〜Minami-Chitose〜Hakodate
  • Hakodate Streetcar Timetable Hakodate〜Yunokawa Onsen〜Yunokawa
  • Map
  • Map

Access by Shinkansen

Access by Shinkansen Access by Shinkansen
  • Hokkaido Shinkansen Timetable Tokyo〜Sendai〜Morioka〜Shin-Aomori〜Shin-Hakodate Hokuto Station
  • Hakodate Liner Timetable Shin-Hakodate Hokuto〜Hakodate
  • Hakodate Streetcar Timetable Hakodate〜Yunokawa Onsen〜Yunokawa

Access by Car

Access by Car Access by Car
  • Toll Fee Information Nexco Drive Plaza

*There is free parking available to guests at the hotel.


Access by Highway Express Bus

Access by Highway Express Bus Access by Highway Express Bus
  • Hokkaido Chuo Bus Information Express Hakodate Liner
  • Donan Bus Information Express Hakodate Liner
  • Hokuto Kotsu Bus Information Express Hakodate Liner

Access by Ferry

Access by Ferry Access by Ferry
  • Tsugaru Kaikyo Ferry Information Oma〜Hakodate,Aomori〜Hakodate Highway Access
  • Tsugaru Kaikyo Ferry Terminal Access Information Shuttle Bus,Flat-rate Taxi,etc
  • Seikan Ferry Information Aomori〜Hakodate
  • Hakodate Streetcar Timetable Hakodate〜Yunokawa Onsen〜Yunokawa

Access by Plane

Access by Plane Access by Plane
  • Hakodate Airport Timetable Sapporo Tokyo Nagoya Osaka - Hakodate
  • Hakodate Teisan Bus Timetable Hakodate Airport Shuttle Bus
  • Hakodate Bus Timetable Tobiko Airport

Access Link

  • Hakodate Yunokawa Hot Springs Ryokan Cooperative Access Infomation
  • Hakodate Town Navigation Access Infomation

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