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Each of our facilities provide a unique hotel experience. Guests of Takubokutei can feel calm, unwind and enjoy in the hotel.

Floor map
11F Large Aerial View Bath “UNKAI”/Open-air Bath “ISARIBI”/Onsen Lounge”SHOHUAN”
4F〜10F Guest room floor
*No smoking in all rooms since July 2023
3F Guest room floor/Coin laundry
2F Asuka Hall/Banquet Hall/Restaurant “THE CABIN”/Smoking corner
1F Japanese Garden/Lobby/Souvenir Shop/Enjoy Space
Massage Corner/Relaxation spa/Smoking corner
  • Lobby / Souvenir Shop
  • Dining / Coffee Lounge / Onsen Lounge
  • Banquet Hall

Lobby / Souvenir Shop

Japanese Garden

  • Japanese Garden
  • Japanese Garden
  • Japanese Garden

Colorful seasons of venerable Matsuoka Garden

A beautiful Matsuoka Garden related to Hakodate’s past.
Our preserved pine and azalea taken great care of by expert gardening, some of which are more than 100 years old.
A shapely palette of colors and textures, the flowers and foliage makes the garden a living work of season and history.
The plants will activate all of your senses fully.

1F Lobby

  • Lobby
  • Lobby
  • Lobby

With a panoramic view of our venerable Japanese Garden, the 1000 square meters lobby provides soothing and refinement with solid granite and carpet flooring.

※Smoking is prohibited in the lobby, however please feel free to use smoking space provided near the entrance and souvenir shop.

1F Souvenir Shop “HAMA-KANZASHI”

Souvenir Shop “HAMA-KANZASHI”

We offer a collection of traditional craft and specialties from all over Japan. In addition to famous snacks, our own hotel originals are also readied for you.

【Open Hours】
◇Saturdays and holidays(Night)
◇All day(Morning)
Souvenir Shop “HAMA-KANZASHI”

Dining / Coffee Lounge / Onsen Lounge

Celebrates an exceptional style of cuisine and environment Celebrates an exceptional style
of cuisine and environment

Restaurant “THE CABIN”

  • Restaurant “THE CABIN”
  • Restaurant “THE CABIN”
  • Restaurant “THE CABIN”

A culmination of freshly prepared foods

Our newly renovated “THE CABIN” features dishes inspired by foods originating from Tohoku and other locally sourced ingredients.

【Open Hours】
Breakfast 7:00~9:00
Dinner 17:30~21:00
【Seating Capacity】
170 people

11F Onsen Lounge”SHOHUAN”

Onsen Lounge”SHOHUAN”

“Wabi-Sabi” – The spirit and culture of Japan

“SHOHUAN” is designed by a Japanese tea house called “Chashitsu” for a satisfying cool down after bath time.

1F Coffee Lounge  “SUNAYAMA”

Coffee Lounge  “SUNAYAMA”

Refresh with complimentary coffee and sweets to your delight in this pleasant lounge.

Coffee : 500 yen
Other drinks : 420 yen (including tax)
【Open Hours】
7:00~10:00 / 16:00~21:00
【Seating Capacity】
22 people

Banquet Hall

2F Banquet Hall

  • Banquet Hall
  • Banquet Hall
  • Banquet Hall

Holidays, reunions and birthdays are all reasons to celebrate, a special occasion to get together and celebrate with good friends and good food. At our banquet halls, we can put together to remember for any occasion.

With our savory dishes and selection of beverage. Known for our kitchen is close to banquet halls, any palate will appreciate the preparation and presentation of our meals.

【Asuka Hall】
380 square meters
【Middle size Hall】
99 square meters (4 rooms)