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Accommodation / Guest Rooms

Could you tell me the check-in / check-out times?

Check -in time :15:00 / Check-out time 14:00
※ Guests who have already made reservations for stays on or after 1 October 2023 as of 23 August 2023 will be able to check-in from 14:00.

Is it possible to extend the check-out time?

Yes, it is possible to extend the check-out time or have an early check-in depending on the stay plan. However, it is not a basic offering.

What are the room types and capacity?

Western-Japanese style, Japanese style, and Western style (twin, single) rooms are offered.
Western-Japanese rooms and Japanese rooms have a 5-person capacity, while the Western rooms have a 1-2 person capacity.

Are there non-smoking rooms?

It corresponds to each room.
As room types are also separated by floor, there are times when we utilize an air deodorizer to ensure the comfort of guest stay.

Is there a safe / security box in the guest room?

Yes, one is provided in each guest room free of charge. It is also possible to leave valuables for safe keeping at the front desk.

Is there a bathtub in the guest room?

Yes, toilet and bathtub unit facilities are in each room.

What facilities are in guest rooms?

LCD TV, refrigerator, telephone, air conditioning, unit bath, toilet and so on. For further details, please see here.

How big is the refrigerator in the guest rooms?

About a 70-liter size. Size may vary depending on the room type. Drinking water is provided within, so please enjoy it freely.

Is it okay to bring juice or alcohol bought from the convenience or other outside stores?

Sure, of course.
Please use the refrigerator to suit your needs.
*Please acknowledge that guests may not bring any outside food or drink to the dining areas.

What kinds of amenities are offered in guest rooms?

Toothbrushes, towels, cups, tea, small snacks and others are available.

May I bring my pet to stay overnight?

We apologize but pets are not accepted.

Are the guest rooms supplied with towels and hair dryer?

Yes, each guest room type offers these.

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Accommodation of Children

Can you tell me the sizes of Yukata (Japanese bathrobes)?

We offer 5 sizes for adults in S, M, L, LL, and 3L. Children’s sizes include S and M.

For adults
[S] 140-150cm, [M] 150-165cm, [L] 165-180cm, [LL] 180-190cm, [3L] 190-205cm
For children
[S] 100-120cm, [M] 120-140cm
How about the fees for children?

For children ages 0-3:
Free (Yukata and other fixtures will not be included).

For children 3 and over, including elementary school ages:
Including dinner, but without futon: 2750 yen (2500 yen w/o tax) (the offered meals for children are the same as adults)
For use of futon only: 3300 yen (3000 yen w/o tax)

*If you would like have your meals in your room, please contact the hotel directly for prices.

I want to stay with my baby, but I wonder if you offer service to warm baby food.

Sure. If you bring your food to the front desk, we will warm and return it. Please speak to our front desk as you wish.

Is there any hot water provisions to make milk / baby formula?

A hot water pot is a typical provision in each room.
In case that there is some difficulty, we will tend to your concerns immediately at the front desk.

Are there Yukatas (Japanese bathrobes) for kids?

Yes, there are. Dimensions vary per size. If the size does not fit, we can exchange it for you at the front desk.

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What are the business hours for the Buffet Restaurant?
17:30 – 21:00 (Last order is 20:30)
*If you expect to arrive after 19:00, please notify us prior to your stay.
7:00 – 9:00 (Last order is 8:30)

*Depending on the date, there may be some variation in times. Please confirm at check-in.

I’d like to know more about the dinner and breakfast buffet.
In the open kitchen corner a variety of delicious sushi choices, handmade tempura including local town Shiriuchi’s Maitake mushroom, and more.
Our recommended “Fruit Pork” is a high quality meat from pig livestock raised on fruit and dairy products that gives the meat particular taste and texture.
As the meat is brought in each morning, the freshness is guaranteed to delight! You are sure to appreciate our Hokkaido menu ranging from shrimp sashimi of Minami Koya, our farm grown vegetables and Hakodate’s specialty salt ramen.
A splendor of popular options including rolled Tamago-yaki (rolled scrambled eggs) and fried eggs made before you, baked breads including crisp croissants, and fresh local farm vegetables.
Our recommended hot steamed potatoes over Hakodate-style cooked squid is a delicacy.
The morning menu is also a smorgasbord of freshness including options such as homemade tofu from Nanae-cho grown soybeans, our farm grown potatoes, fried noodles and udon boiled right from the pot and Ohstk mackeral.
I have food allergies so I’d like to know the ingredients for meals.

As for the buffet restaurant, we have indicated the specific common allergy ingredients (as of 2023) for guests to be aware of and able to enjoy their meals.
If you have food allergies, please let us know when you make your reservation with the front desk, restaurant, or staff.
We will be sure to respond in the best way possible.

Please be aware there is an extremely very slight possibility of potential allergen substances by way of cooking utensils, equipment and hands.
Regarding the ingredients used in meals, the information we provide is from the producer(s).
For customers with severe allergies, we may refuse certain meals for your safety.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.
Hakodate Reservation Center: TEL – 0138-59-5355 (reservation hours are between 8:00 and 21:00).

Regarding the room meal option, if you let us know beforehand, we will adjust the menu as much as possible.
Please reach us by telephone or email at least 3 days in advance.

Is it possible to take away uneaten leftovers from dinner and breakfast meals?

No. We do not allow any leftovers to be taken away due to hygienic reasons.

Could you tell me about any meals prepared especially for children?

As for room meals, elementary school aged children have the same meal content as adults, however children aged 3-6 will have a children’s lunch plate.
The contents are fried chicken, fried potatoes, hamburg and so on.

At dinner time are there any all-you-can-drink plans being offered?

We offer an all-you-can-drink plan of alcohol and soft drinks.
For banquets, the plan is 120 minutes at 3240 yen per person (3000 yen w/out tax).
The menu includes bottled beer, Japanese sake, Shochu, whiskey, and soft drinks (draft beer and wine are not included).
The all-you-can-drink plan is intended for group use.
Please be aware that we do not allow any drinks brought in from outside to the venue.

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Could you tell me about the hot springs and the hot spring quality type?

The spring quality of Takubokutei is of a chloride type (neutral ・isotonic・hot temperature spring). It is known to benefit the following: cuts, burns, weak or frail constitution, chronic gynecological illness.

What are the hot spring bath area times of operation, and how about the changing of men and women’s hot spring sides?

Both public bath and outdoor open bath can be used from 13:00 to 10:00. However, there is cleaning performed between 1:00 to 1:30, which means the bath cannot be accessed then.

In total, how many hot spring baths are there?

There is one large indoor bath and one medium-size indoor bath, and also one outdoor open bath. For further details please refer to here.

When using the hot springs, are towels or anything else necessary to bring?

There are no bath towels or other towels available in the changing room. They are prepared beforehand in your guest room, so please bring it to the bath area.

In the case that there are dirty or stained towels, is it possible to exchange them?

Yes, of course.
We prepare one set of face and bath towels in your guest room beforehand, however if you wish to contact the front desk to exchange any of those, we will respond kindly.

Do you offer one-day hot spring bathing (i.e. for people who do not stay overnight)?

Yes, we do. For further details, please refer to here.

Is it possible to reserve private bathing times?

Yes, we can prepare for that. Please see here for details.

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Access / Parking

When taking the highway route, what is the closest IC?

The closest IC to the hotel is “Onuma Park IC”, from which you can arrive after about one hour once you exit the IC.

When using the ETC holiday discount price, how much does the total cost of highway fees come to?

Prices will vary depending on the IC you use. If you search the following site, you can be sure of the details.
NEXCO East Japan [highway toll search] https://en.driveplaza.com/

After getting off the highway, what is the route to the hotel?

If you experience any anxiety or worry during your drive, please contact the hotel and we will respond kindly.
Please refer to here for further details.

Is there a fee for using the hotel parking lot? Is it free?

Yes, it is free. The hotel parking lot holds approximately 100 cars.

I want to go by automobile, so could you tell me how the roads are?

You are able to check the weather and track the daily conditions from here. Please be careful in your drive.

Does your hotel run a free shuttle bus?

We are sorry but we do not run any free shuttle bus to Takubokutei.

Is there any shuttle bus service to / from the nearest station?

No, unfortunately not. You will have to make your own way. For further details, please refer to here.

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Is the entire hotel non-smoking?

Smoking is prohibited in public spaces such as the lobby, hallways, restaurants and so on.
However, we offer a smoking space in the first floor of lobby.
Please ask for more details at the front desk.

I’d like to know about the conditions of barrier-free access, including any wheelchair related information.

Unfortunately we are do not have any barrier-free access rooms at this time.
On the premises, we have four wheelchairs that are available for use.
As the number is limited, please reserve in advance.

Could you tell me about the business hours of the facilities in the hotel?

1F Facilities

“Sweet Sandy Mountains” (Sunayama)
Here for your winding down or freshening up in a calm atmosphere with coffee and treats.
【Open Hours】 7:00 – 10:00 / 16:00 – 21:00
“Coast Dweller” (Hama Kanzashi)
Offering an abundance of confectionery, traditional and folk crafts, and more.
【Open Hours】 7:00 – 10:00 / 16:30 – 22:00
“Bar Shochu” (Shiite)
Take in a night of relaxation in comfort.
【Open Hours】 21:00 – 24:00
Are there places to enjoy leisurely in the hotel?

We are sorry however we do not have a game corner.

Do you have any karaoke offered?

At this time we do not offer karaoke.

Is there a pool on the grounds?

There is no pool on the premises.

Is it possible to do laundry with, for example, coin laundry facilities?

Unfortunately, there are no coin laundry facilities.

Does the hotel have any aesthetic and/or massage salons?

Yes. We offer an aesthetic and massage corner on the first floor.

Could you please tell me about the massage corner’s business hours and prices?

For details on prices, please see here.

Are there any vending machines on the hotel grounds?

Yes, please see the prices for soft drinks and alcohol below

Soft drinks 500ml bottle
160 yen (149 yen w/out tax)
Soft drinks 350ml can
130 yen (121 yen w/out tax)
Irohasu Water
100 yen (93 yen w/out tax)
Beer 350ml
260 yen (241 yen w/out tax)
Beer 500ml
360 yen (334 yen w/out tax)
Unmalted / Low-malt Beer 350ml
200 yen (186 yen w/out tax)
Unmalted / Low-malt Beer 500ml
260 yen (241 yen w/out tax)
Do any rooms have play things available for children?

We have Mahjong, Shogi and Go are available for your use.
As they are limited in number, please make sure to reserve in advance.

Mahjong Set (1 set): 3000 yen (2778 yen w/out tax)
Shogi, Go Sets (1set): 1500 yen (1389 yen w/out tax)

I’m wondering if there are any exhibits, entertainment or other points of interest to enjoy.

[Bingo Game Gathering]
Let the games begin in the first floor lobby from 20:30!
For participants, 1 game card is 500 yen (463 yen w/out tax).
*Hours and fees may vary and we ask you contact the front desk for details.

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How about coupons or using any other offerings from a third-party?

For supplementary vouchers and tickets from special offers it is possible to contact the hotel directly from the official website, or alternatively you can make reservations from travel companies and accommodation sites.
Please know in advance that guests with those offers must pay cash at checkout. In cases of credit card payment, these discount offers will not be accepted.

We would like to send our luggage ahead of time …

Yes, we can keep your luggage at the front desk.
Please send it by the morning of the designated stay arrival day. Be sure to indicate “reservation name and guest name” as well as “stay date” on a slip with your baggage.

* Sending Address *
〒 042-0932
Town: Yukawa Cho
City: Hakodate City
Prefecture: Hokkaido
Addressee: Yunokawa Onsen Hakodate Yunokawa Kakikutei Front Care

Is it possible to leave our luggage in care of the hotel?

Yes, we offer luggage storage both before check-in and after check-out at the reception.
Please ask our front desk staff in regards to it.
* Depending on the type and value of the belongings, we may refuse.

Are there any computers for guests to borrow for use? Is there an internet connection available?

Unfortunately we do not lend computers to rooms, however we have personal computer use in the lobby (a charge is applied).
Internet is offered (1F Lobby – wireless LAN compatibility)

Can I use my credit card for payment?

The following credit cards are accepted:card

We would like to use the hotel for a special celebration – do you offer any provisions for such events?

Yes, some provisions are prepared free of charge, while others are available for a fee.
Please refer to here for details.

Could I request cake or flower arrangements to the hotel?

Yes, we can provide such for a fee. If you would like us to prepare, please contact at least 3 days in advance of your reservation stay. Please refer to here for details.

We will stay for a 60th birthday. Do you offer anything special?

For over 60 birthday celebrations, we offer a 3-piece set of kimono, hat and cushion (free of charge).
Since the number is limited, please contact in advance.
See here for details.

How is the cellphone connection within the hotel?

The cellphone connection within the hotel is generally good for any model of phone.

Is there any convenience stores nearby?

There is a LAWSON convenience store at about a 3-minute walk from the hotel.

Is there any bank or ATM services near the hotel?

Hokuyo Bank is located 15 minutes by walking from the hotel.
Additionally, you can access an ATM at the 7-11 convenience store that is a 10-minute walk from the hotel.

Could you tell me information about sightseeing for the Yunokawa Hot Spring areas?

Please see this page for further details.

I would like to make an inquiry directly to the hotel.

Of course. We can take any inquiry at the Hakodate Reservation Center.
Telephone number: 0138-59-5355.
Inquiries will be handled from 8:00 to 21:00. Also, you can email from here.

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